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TURBOSPRAY is an automatic walkover teat sprayer that has been specifically engineered to ease the pre and post spay application process. 

TURBOSPRAY is powered by our industry leading central PLC, DairyLink, which takes full control of your barn and its automation.

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The best walkover teat sprayer for those who want precise, effective, and dependable system.

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What is it?

The system utilizes a unique design of air to chemical blend to apply an even coating of dip on cows as she enters and/or exits the milking parlor. A sophisticated set of sensors track each individual cow, and angled nozzles in the pod dispense chemical ensuring all four teats are covered. No matter how quickly or slowly the cow is moving she will only be sprayed as she walks over the system and the animal will not be double sprayed. 


Increase Throughput- TURBOSPRAY is designed for uninterrupted cow flow as they enter and/or exit the milking parlor. The system allows for more cows to be added to the herd or reduce milking times because the vital process of pre/post spraying the animal is automatic. 

Consistent Application- TURBOSPRAY uses our design of air to chemical blend to apply teat dip on cows as they walkover the system. This ratio of air to chemical ensures a reliable and consistent coverage of all four teats. It also allows for longer kill time of bacteria and improves teat condition. 

Labor Efficiency- Our system makes it easier to manage operation costs and eliminates user error out of spraying your herd. TURBOSPRAY can reduce the amount of labor needed inside the milking parlor which allows managers to assign employees to other vital dairy processes or cut labor.

A Configuration to Fit Every Barn

TURBOSPRAY is manufactured with high quality stainless steel and no moving parts. Our design ensures reduced maintenance and that it will withstand the wear and tear of a dairy operation. Each system goes through a vigorous quality assurance process to make sure it meets the standards of our customers. 

With three design configurations TURBOSPRAY can be installed in new and existing barns to provide your herd the protection they need. 

Hang-On Style

This type of unit is designed to attach directly to existing fencing panels where correct width single file cow flow is already in place.

Panel Mount Style

This style is utilized where one straight fixed edge is already in place and only the opposite side is needed to create a committal single file lane. 

Committal Lane Style

The committal lane style is used where no prior fencing options are in place, so the TURBOSPRAY is manufactured all in one piece. 

Mask group (50)

TURBOSPRAY is giving dairy producers more access to data and information than ever before.

  • Turns per hour
  • Cows per hour
  • Current cows milked

The performance of the parlor is tracked every shift and stored for history purposes. This data is vital to a dairies success and gives producers the information they need to make the best decisions for the success of their operation. 

The DairyLink app gives you alerts when TURBOSPRAY needs maintenance, its chemical usage, and weekly performance reports all from the palm of your hand.  

Quick Facts*

Access to Real-Time Parlor Data

Cows per hour, turns per hour, min/max loadout, total cows milked

Even coverage

TURBOSPRAY uses air to apply an even coat of chemical across all four teats

Faster milk letdown

Faster milk letdown

4–6-month ROI

4–6-month ROI

10% improvement in somatic cell quality

10% improvement in somatic cell quality

Chemical options include:

Peroxide, chlorine dioxide, and iodine

Reduction in labor by 1.5 employees

Reduction in labor by 1.5 employees

Wash bar ensures lasers always stay clean

Wash bar ensures lasers always stay clean


Fly Spray

Fly Spray

On-Farm Blending

On-Farm Blending

Winter Mode

Allows for winter barrier dip to run through the system

*Individual results will vary


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