Automated is a certified dealer for some the world’s best dairy equipment providers. We have access to the full catalog of items and extensive knowledge to help you find the best products for your milking operation.



GEA is a globally leading solutions and products provider for milk production and livestock farming. 

Roughly one quarter of processed milk comes from GEA production systems. They offer a wide range of solutions and products to dairy producers to help maximize their productivity and the quality of their milk.

  • GEA DairyRobot Milking System
  • GEA DairyProQ Robotic Rotary
  • DairyRotor
  • Side by Side Parlors
  • Herd Management
  • Milk Cooling & Storage
  • Milking Equipment
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milkrite has over 130 years of manufacturing experience in the dairy industry. Providing dairy producers fully integrated systems where all aspects of herd management and milking are integrated. Constantly monitoring and controlling efficient milking. 

  • Milking Equipment
  • Pulsators
  • Pumps
  • Milk Receivers
  • Detachers
  • Milk Meters

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milc group

milc group provides dairy producers with the latest in in dairy management, technology development as well as animal nutrition and healthcare all through their cloud-based app. 

  • one feed
  • one facility
  • milc pulse
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Since its inception in 1940, Paul Mueller Company has specialized in the design and manufacturing of stainless-steel equipment for the food, dairy farm, beverage, chemical, biofuel, pharmaceutical, biotech and pure water industries.  

  • Plate coolers
  • Chillers
  • Condensing Units
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Large Refrigeration Systems
  • Milk Silos

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Pro Refrigeration

For over 30 years, Pro Refrigeration has been designing and manufacturing cooling equipment for applications like dairy farms, craft beers, and wineries. 

  • Chiller Systems
  • Cold-Chain Equipment
  • Pro Green Solutions
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Automated has partnered with some of the largest dairy equipment providers across the world to give our customers the best options and most complete product offerings possible. We have also expanded our product line by manufacturing our own solutions and equipment.

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